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Keeping the Kids Hydrated

Summer is here and it’s hot! Keeping young children hydrated is more important than ever this time of year. Their little bodies need water to work properly. Usually, we make up for the water we lose with a long, cool drink of water. But little children may not remember to do this for themselves or recognize the signs that they are becoming dehydrated. Many times kids get dehydrated when they’re playing hard and having fun.

Signs of Dehydration
In addition to being thirsty, here are some signs that a person might be dehydrated:
• feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or tired
• rapid heartbeat
• dry lips and mouth

What to Do
Prevention is they key, try not to let them get dehydrated in the first place. It’s a good idea to drink water before, during, and after play, especially if it’s hot. Dehydration can happen along with heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. In addition to drinking water, it’s smart to dress in cool clothes and take breaks indoors or at least in the shade. Other foods, such as fruits and vegetables, contain water, too.

Thirst-Quenching Tips
To keep hydrated kids need to drink enough to satisfy their thirst, and a little extra. The best drink is water, of course, but milk is another great drink for kids. Juice is OK, but choose it less often than water and milk. Sports drinks are fine once in a while, but water should be considered the drink of champions. A great alternative to sugared drinks is fruit infused water.Avoid soda and other sugary drinks, such as fruit punches, lemonades, and iced teas. These drinks contain a lot of sugar that your body doesn’t need.

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