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Attendance matters begin in preschool

Getting your child to school on time, every day, unless he or she is sick, is something that you can do to ensure your child has a chance to succeed in school.

School PhotoStudy after study confirms that high-quality early childhood experiences are essential for developing the cognitive, social and emotional skills that children need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

But when children are absent, they miss out. By focusing our attention on attendance, even among young children, we are building an essential lifetime skill – showing up – on time, every day to preschool, then school and eventually work.

It’s important for parents to understand that regular attendance in preschool and kindergarten lays the foundation for their children’s future success. But research and practitioner experience shows that paying attention to attendance for our youngest children is essential.

Why does attendance matter for young students?
• Good attendance is a habit that children need to form early and can predict attendance in the later
• Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school — and themselves.
• Absences — excused as well as unexcused — can quickly add up to academic trouble.
• Early attendance can help children learn to read. Chronic absence — missing 10 percent of the school
year or just 2-3 days every month — can translate into a child unable to read on grade level by third
• Being chronically late to school often leads to poor attendance.

Everybody has a role to play: parents, schools, city agencies, community nonprofits, after-school programs, healthcare providers, businesses and others. It is important to emphasize attendance throughout the year, the start of the Fall is when schools and communities lay out expectations for the coming year and can develop a culture of attendance that will continue throughout the year.


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