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Keeping your home safe over the holidays

Take extra precautions to keep your home safe from accidents.

Did you know many of the injuries that occur during the holidays are directly linked to the season’s festivities? According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, injuries caused by holiday lights alone account for approximately 1,300 accidents each year!

While holiday decorating can make our homes look festive, they can also create potential safety hazards. First 5 Kern realizes the holiday season is a busy and exciting time for parents and caregivers, which is why it’s important to remind families to take extra precautions to help ensure their homes are safe places for children this time of year.

Trees and Decorations:
• If you decorate a tree, do so with children in mind. Avoid hanging ornaments that are fragile or that have small detachable parts on the lower branches where young children can reach them.
• Place trees and other greenery away from fireplaces and radiators. Remember to water your tree regularly to prevent it from drying out, which could make it more likely to catch on fire.

Holiday Candles:
• Keep burning candles out of children’s reach and keep matches and lighters locked away.
• Do not place lit candles near drapes or decorations. Blow out all candles before going to bed or when you are leaving the house.

In the Kitchen:
• When hosting a holiday party or feast, be sure to turn handles of pots and pans on the stove inward so children cannot reach them.
• Never hold a child while you are cooking or carrying hot foods, as this could easily cause an accidental burn for you or your child.

Making safety a priority this holiday season will help protect your children from many accidents. This is a joyful time of year that should be spent with family and friends in the comfort of your home, safe and sound.


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